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That cell-phone tower on the hill … just think, what if you could have even a very small share of the cost of all the calls that it processes every day!

In April 2016, a new concept was launched in world-wide telecommunications.

The international company World Global Network …Wor(l)d, led by award-winning CEO Fabio Galdi, is launching a mobile phone/data network that anyone can buy into and use for themselves, getting free mobile calls anywhere in the world.

The system has two hardware components.  A ‘space-phone’, every bit as good looking as any other modern mobile phone.  And a ‘space-station’ connected to a modem that uses VoIP to transmit calls. This unit provides seamless connectivity to the internet for your space-phone using wi-fi.

If your space-station is located in a busy traffic area, other people with ordinary G3 or G4 phones may find your space-station signal is better than the nearest tower, and will use it (often unknowingly) to make a call.  Part of the cost of that call will be paid to the company, who in turn will pay you, as owner of the device. All space-stations can carry more than one call at a time.

To be part of the Wor(l)d network, you can opt-in by buying an Executive pack which includes a space-phone and a space-station, (and for the next week you will get a free mini-space station which can be used while travelling) and simply use them to eliminate your own future phone bills.

You can (if you wish) buy several additional space-stations and place them strategically to generate an income stream.

You can become a member-agent, and be part of the network running your own home-based business because Wor(l)d is also a network marketing organisation. The most expensive entry package costs less than $1,200 U.S.  Those who choose to be part of the marketing process experience very high levels of support and work in a sector where people are constantly buying upgrades and embracing new technology.

From April, it will be possible to text-message people in 50 different languages in their own language.  A message sent from Australia in English will be delivered in China in Mandarin.  The response will come back in English. In just a few months’ time, it is promised that whatever you say on a Wor(l)d network telephone call can be translated as you speak.

The switching on of the Wor(l)d network in April, will be a milestone in modern world-wide communications and deliver a completely new perspective on business and friendship opportunities.

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